Sunday, 7 September 2014

Environment by Azmira

Hostel's experiences. 

     I am the only child in my family and yes, I feel the biggest difference between home and hostel environment. To me, it is so surprising. at hostel, i need to do everything my myself. It is hard for me because before this, I am depending on my mom. she helps me to do things.

     At home, i feel comfortable. Like what people said, "home sweet home". Home comforts us no matter what. In addition, we feel free to do whatever we want. When i get sick, I have my mom to take care of me. She cooks whatever I want to eat. She will help me immediately. Just so you know, I am the only child so I do not have siblings to share stuffs but here at hostel, I need to share stuffs with my roommates. It is quite shocked but I must learn to share. it is a must.

     At hostel, I need to wake up early and of course I need to wake up all by myself. For the 17 years I live, I never wake up by myself but today, I need to. Food? I have to buy at restaurants or stalls around hostel so no more mom's dishes. By the way, I am quite shy. I do not know how to talk even my best friend told me that I am an arrogant. I am afraid of it so I need to be friendly. I need to talk as much as I can. I need to have many friends.

     My mom gives me RM 400 for a month . With that money, i need to manage my own financial. RM 400 is a small value in 2014, I think. I need to pay bus's fee and hostel's fee. But Alhamdulillah, I can manage it well.

      So, I am still learn how to comfort myself. It is a new place and a new experience for me. So it is a must I need to manage. I am 18 years old so I need to be independent. I don't need my mom besides me to help me to do so many things because I can do it myself. A big good luck for me. Lastly, I want to thank a lot to my roommates for being kind and good to me. They help me a lot through this. I am glad to know them. They are such lovely people. They comfort me like I am their's sister. I hope we all can be good friends till forever. Amin.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Environment by Sofea (-3)

        This new environment in Ipoh is killing me I swear to God. It is so different with my life in Kajang. The people, the surrounding and the food I can tell. Since I came here, I have observe so many things. Sometimes I wish I can turn back the time and enjoy every moment that I have in Kajang. Im not saying like I hate to be here in Ipoh, but it is more like, there is nothing like Kajang. Kajang is my hometown and Kajang is the place where I grow up. I love to be there. Maybe it is not the best, but there I learn a lot about “life”.

       The environment in Kajang teaches me a lot about life because the bonding between Kajang people is just too strong and somehow wherever we go we just proudly say that we are form “Empat Tiga Ribu” (43000) which is Kajang passcode. Kajang is not that big which is when we go for some food hunting or hanging out we will tend to see the same faces everyday. And by seeing the same people everyday we will tend to say hi or give a smile and automatically from strangers become friends. We are not in the same school but somehow the friendships come to the stage where “cubit peha kiri, peha kanan terasa”.

        Glad to see that all my friends in Kajang have continue their studies after getting a good result for SPM. Honestly, to leave Kajang and all my friends and especially the environment  is the hardest thing to do. Someone once said “move on lah, sampai bila nak duduk sini” but.. It hurts. It hurts to accept the fact that I am already a big girl. It sad to see that my bestfriends already found a new bestfriend. I have this kind of thought and feeling which is I’m afraid that they will forget me as their bestfriend too. I always keep in touch with my friends and my family and keep telling them about this new environment and how things going so that I won't miss them as much as I did before.

         I wish I have another chance to appreciate every moment that I have in Kajang back then. I wish I can cherish each and every moment to the fullest. I hope that I can adapt myself in this new environment comfortably. Ameen.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Environment by Erma (-3)

     Hi…  I’m Erma, this is my last entry I write in this blog. In this last entry I would like to introduce about me. I’m a shy person but I like to have many friends and I don’t like to friend with someone is arrogant and just looked at the degree of. I was a humble person and I also like to help friends and others people when difficult. I like to make other people happy. I stay with my family at Tali Air 3 Jalan Pantai Rasa Sayang,45400 Sekinchan Selangor. I’m studying at KPTM, Ipoh.  I choose course Diploma In Multimedia because I want to know and I want  to do something new about photoshop and Animation 2D and 3D, I like cartoon so much. So that makes me want to know more than about to built an animation and I want to create my own cartoon.

     In my life I want to proud my parents and I want to prove to they that I can success. They always teach me to respect other peoples. My environment is very simple, I’m not come from a rich family and I’m from a simple family’s. I never asked to  they to give what I want because they can’t give to me and I don’t like to be troublesome. What I want, I use it. Everyone have they ambitions in our life and wants the best environment in their life. Same things with me also  want the best environment to my future. Before this I want to be cake maker but my dad does not like it so I had to forget my wish that and I found new ambition that I really want to be, it is animator. The environment want to be animator was challenging. I need to stay strong if i want to be animator and i can't give up easily to get successfull in my life.

    This is all about me, my education and career planning if I took management multimedia as my primary choice to further my study. Despite of deep interest in this field, management multimedia also serve a lot of golden opportunity in Malaysia, especially in the future. This job is not only about making money, but also mainly about how to improve my race level in this modernity lives. As this field is less monopolized by the Malay bumiputras, I think I’ve had the responsibility to help my own people. I will surely do anything to achieve my goals. Moreover, dentistry will be one of rewarding career and surely people will start to look for a chance to get to know more about it.

    I want my future is beginning with success in my studies at KPTM, Ipoh. Then when I have been success, I want to find my job. I want my environment at my office is always have the enjoyed day like no stress, no pushing from boss and no struggling time do my works, I want to work like relax and make me fun so that I’m not bored with my job. When my job is going great, it’s make me more easily to stay with my success. The environment at the office is very challenging because we have to compete with many people to get what we want. I want to prove to my uncle that i can success because he always underestimate to me that i can success in my life.

    Then, when has been success in my work, I want to build my new environment with a new family. I want to get married with person whose can take care of me and change my life to be always happy. I want character of that guy is kind, taller than me, not really handsome it can as nice eyes to see it faces. He is a simple person not very complicated because to make me more easily to communicate with him. I want his hobbies same like my hobbies, I love to travelling. I want one day I can go travel one world with my beloved guy it is my husband. I want that guy is romantics, honest and very responsible to me. I want that environment. I want all was I has dreamed be a reality one day. I want to be happy until I become old with my family.