Friday, 25 July 2014

Self Improvement by Sofea

     It sucks to think that I am nothing compare to the others. It sucks when I have tried my best but I don't succeed. It sucks when I get what I want but not what I need. Honestly, its not easy to bear with this kind of thoughts and feelings. Only God knows how it feels. But thank God, since I entered into college, I feel more confident about myself because I started to think until when I must sit and do nothing and let myself drown in the middle of the sea while the others knows how to swim already because we all know the early bird catches the worm.
    Day by day, I learn how to manage myself, my discipline, my time and my financial. It takes me some times to get used to it and set my mind before continuing my studies because there is those days when I am just too lazy to wake up and get ready to class but I had to. There is those days when I over spent my money for something unnecessary. There is those days when I feel so stress up because too many assignments to be done in a period of time. And there is those days when I just feel like want to give up and just do whatever I want. But like we all know, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.
     Furthermore, I feel blessed because I got a lot of friends and what I mean by "friends" are they are all good friends. They always there for me through ups and down. They always help me in studies. They always asked me whether I am fine or not. To have these kind of friends is all I ever asked for and this is more than enough for me. Because of their motivation and support, I know how to improve myself in everything what I want to do. Its true when people said, find for good friends and you will all be good.
     And the most important thing that I learnt when I get into college is, God helps those who help themselves. I learnt that we just don't wait for good things to happen to us. We must work hard to achieve our goals. There is no one can help us to put ourself on the top of the world. Its us to give the efforts, its us that will determine our fate in the future.