Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Self Improvement by Azmira

  “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” -  George Bernard Shaw

  I am the only child in my family so it is hard for me to be comfortable in any kind of situation. First, I do not know how to start a conversation with strangers. I live in my own world and I do not care what’s around me. To me, I will talk to them as they talk to me first. Second, I do not know how to overcome my fears. Since I entered college, I feel like I cannot make it till the end and I feel like I cannot achieve my goals. I almost giving up but thank God I have changed my mind cause I believe in myself I can do this and I want to make my mom proud of me. I do this for my family.

  Back in 2013, I have a low self-confident. I am afraid to show what I can do because I think it will turn out worst or embarrassing. But praise to God, my confident is getting better day by day since I am 18. I am brave to show people what I can do. At here, I got a lot of friends. They are all friendly to me yet so kind to me. I am grateful to know them as well. They make me comfort to talk with. I can share many things with them. I can do silly things with them. They are all good so nothing I can be worries.

  Till now, I am learning how to improve myself. I choose to build it in college. I am learning how to be brave to talk with lecturers and be kind to them. This is the time I want to achieve my ambition. I am craving to be one of in dean lists. But before that, I want to ask forgiveness to every lecturers who teach me and my friends.