Sunday, 7 September 2014

Environment by Azmira

Hostel's experiences. 

     I am the only child in my family and yes, I feel the biggest difference between home and hostel environment. To me, it is so surprising. at hostel, i need to do everything my myself. It is hard for me because before this, I am depending on my mom. she helps me to do things.

     At home, i feel comfortable. Like what people said, "home sweet home". Home comforts us no matter what. In addition, we feel free to do whatever we want. When i get sick, I have my mom to take care of me. She cooks whatever I want to eat. She will help me immediately. Just so you know, I am the only child so I do not have siblings to share stuffs but here at hostel, I need to share stuffs with my roommates. It is quite shocked but I must learn to share. it is a must.

     At hostel, I need to wake up early and of course I need to wake up all by myself. For the 17 years I live, I never wake up by myself but today, I need to. Food? I have to buy at restaurants or stalls around hostel so no more mom's dishes. By the way, I am quite shy. I do not know how to talk even my best friend told me that I am an arrogant. I am afraid of it so I need to be friendly. I need to talk as much as I can. I need to have many friends.

     My mom gives me RM 400 for a month . With that money, i need to manage my own financial. RM 400 is a small value in 2014, I think. I need to pay bus's fee and hostel's fee. But Alhamdulillah, I can manage it well.

      So, I am still learn how to comfort myself. It is a new place and a new experience for me. So it is a must I need to manage. I am 18 years old so I need to be independent. I don't need my mom besides me to help me to do so many things because I can do it myself. A big good luck for me. Lastly, I want to thank a lot to my roommates for being kind and good to me. They help me a lot through this. I am glad to know them. They are such lovely people. They comfort me like I am their's sister. I hope we all can be good friends till forever. Amin.

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