Saturday, 6 September 2014

Environment by Sofea (-3)

        This new environment in Ipoh is killing me I swear to God. It is so different with my life in Kajang. The people, the surrounding and the food I can tell. Since I came here, I have observe so many things. Sometimes I wish I can turn back the time and enjoy every moment that I have in Kajang. Im not saying like I hate to be here in Ipoh, but it is more like, there is nothing like Kajang. Kajang is my hometown and Kajang is the place where I grow up. I love to be there. Maybe it is not the best, but there I learn a lot about “life”.

       The environment in Kajang teaches me a lot about life because the bonding between Kajang people is just too strong and somehow wherever we go we just proudly say that we are form “Empat Tiga Ribu” (43000) which is Kajang passcode. Kajang is not that big which is when we go for some food hunting or hanging out we will tend to see the same faces everyday. And by seeing the same people everyday we will tend to say hi or give a smile and automatically from strangers become friends. We are not in the same school but somehow the friendships come to the stage where “cubit peha kiri, peha kanan terasa”.

        Glad to see that all my friends in Kajang have continue their studies after getting a good result for SPM. Honestly, to leave Kajang and all my friends and especially the environment  is the hardest thing to do. Someone once said “move on lah, sampai bila nak duduk sini” but.. It hurts. It hurts to accept the fact that I am already a big girl. It sad to see that my bestfriends already found a new bestfriend. I have this kind of thought and feeling which is I’m afraid that they will forget me as their bestfriend too. I always keep in touch with my friends and my family and keep telling them about this new environment and how things going so that I won't miss them as much as I did before.

         I wish I have another chance to appreciate every moment that I have in Kajang back then. I wish I can cherish each and every moment to the fullest. I hope that I can adapt myself in this new environment comfortably. Ameen.

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