Thursday, 4 September 2014

Health And Lifestyle by Sofea (-3)

            I hate cigarettes. I hate the smell. I hate the way how it can make people addicted to it in just one try. My hate towards the cigarettes tend me to hate the smokers too. I know its unfair for me to simply judge and punish them. But honestly for me people who smoke, they don’t know how to respect theirself and others. They don’t even know how to think and don’t even want to care about the consequences of smoking and what will happen to them in another 10 years.

          Its really disappointed and devastating to see a lot of teenagers and even kids smoking nowadays. They think by smoke cigarattes can make them look cool and forget all the pressures and stress. Some of them even smoke shisha, weed and take drugs. Their lifestyle is not normal like others. They will tend to sleep at the morning and wake up at the night. And because of that, their sleeping pattern will be worst day by day. These things somehow makes their life miserable and their discipline will slowly become disaster.

         To be honest, my father and my brother also a smoker. I have told them many times to stop from smoking because my father once got this disease called thyroid. My father have been warded for a weeks to remove the thyroid and it takes about a month to fully heal. My family and I really worried about his condition and until now we are still monitoring him to reduce his smoking habit. The least that I can do to make him stop from smoking is, I always cover my nose when he smoke to make him feel more guilty and by doing that he will try not to smoke infront of me.

        I do hope that my father and my brother will stop from smoking for their own good. I hate cigarattes and I do not want it to ruin my father and my brother’s health.