Thursday, 4 September 2014

Health And Lifestyle by Erma (-3)

     Assalamualaikum,hi this is my second entry in this blog. In this entry I want to story about my health and lifestyle, but firstly I want to give my opinion about health and lifestyle, my opinion about health and lifestyle is vey important in our life because it is way to keep our body in good shape in order to occomplish day to day.

     I want to story about My health and lifestyle, before this I was fat than now and my weight before this was 60 kg and now was 48 kg. In school my friends always said to me “Ema why u look so fat day to day? U eat to much Ema and u don’t look beautiful when u fat”. After that I try to control my nutrition but I can’t because when I stress I will eat more  and make me love to eat more and more non-stop. When I gain  my weight until 5 kg I was shocked that my gain I don’t believe and I feel so sad.

     After that, I was realized that I must change my lifestyle this is not good to my body and my health. Firstly, when school holiday I and my brother always play badminton in front of our house sometimes we are jogging around the village sometimes my parents join us jogging it was fun when my parents join jogging I feel so grateful because my parents support me to change my old lifestyle and when we jogging together we can become close. We always jogging around 30 minutes each evening.

     Every morning when I awake from the sleep I would like to do push up and I will do 15 times and I also do star jump in every morning I was enjoy it. When I do the exercise I feel energy to help my mom to clean the house. To target my goals I have to do something to successful in what I have done and I can’t give up. Everyday, I have to eat more fruit and vegetable and I need to drink a lot of water 8 glass for a day.

     After 2 month, I have gain my weight has dropped from 65 kg to 48 kg. That time I feel happy because I am become more thin and not fat like before because I have a good lifestyle. All my friend at the school was shocked when they see me at school because I was change and I feel so health. Now I have my confident to be myself and I feel so great. I finally can enjoy my life and no more get stress. My parents very proud to me because 

     This is all about my healty and lifestyle, my experience when I'm fat and never give up to back thin again I have to keep working hard if I want to get something. I hope you all can get something when you all read my entry and I'm sorry if when you all read my entry have shortage and I hope you all can be healty and lifestyle.